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Clear Outdoor Storage Plastic Box For Letter Boards Arts Crafts Sewing

Item Number: IW323

Product Dimensions: 375*230*50mm

Packing: 30pcs/carton

Material: Polypropylene

Made In China

  • This box is made of hard plastic and pretty sturdy.
  • Clear color lets you find goods easily. It is simple and practical for storing mini goods.
  • The removable divider can adjust the space to put different sizes of the small stuff.
  • Wide applications:perfect for hobby, art and crafts, office and school supplies.

Additional information

Product Details:

Let Us Check These Wide Applications:

  • Perfect for keeping small electronics and charger cords.
  • Wonderful for mini cones of thread. And you can label the plastic containers on the tops and ends.
  • Convenient containers to store student supplies. Like pencils, markers and crayons, even rulers.
  • It can hold a ton of art supplies for our office or craft room.
  • It is a convenient container for kitchen use, and useful for organizing small things in kitchen junk drawer.
  • Perfect for board letters.
  • Nice organizer in transport your earrings and small necklaces. It is a plastic jewelry box. Even you can also put your lipstick in.

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