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Handy Hinged Double Sided Plastic Hardware Box For Small Parts

Item Number: IW-T001

Product Dimensions: 340*280*80mm

Packing: 20pcs/carton

Material: Polypropylene

Made In China

This transparent hardware box is 2 sided, and with 15 compartments for each side. The durable construction is with many removable dividers to ammoniated with what you want to store.

Additional information

Product Details:

  • Functional: it is perfect for store small tools, electronic connectors, odds and ends screws nuts bolts.
  • Clear Lid: 2 sides are transparent cover, and this design will let you see through the box more clearly. Thus you can find the right one at a glance.
  • Removable Dividers: you can adjust any space with the dividers to store disassembly projects, even a box to hold all your batteries. Also, other all hardware.
  • Durable and Light: with high-quality pp material made, and the construction is very tight.
  • Locking Latches: 2 red latches to keep all the contents safe and secure.
  • With 15 Compartments For Each Side: many compartments make it easy to clear up room for all sorts of different small tools and materials needed.

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