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Outdoor Freshwater And Saltwater Waterproof Fishing Tackle Box

Item Number: IW-F001

Product Dimensions: 355*230*50mm

Packing: 30pcs/carton

Material: Polypropylene

Made In China

This plastic tackle box is waterproof and with many removable dividers. It is perfect in solving tackle storage solutions. Consolidate your fishing products dry and sorted put them in the plastic box. We are sure to sure that it is a good tool for every sportsman and sportswoman.

Additional information

Product Details:

  • Waterproof System: The box lid is with silicone o-ring seal design, and will work well in keeping away air rust and waterproof. And this lid is flexible enough to close securely even if your fishing hooks are sticking over. So you can store any water-sensitive outdoor gears.
  • With Many Dividers To Adjust: We also supply many dividers for customers’ extra customization in this storage box. You can customize small and fits stuff.
  • Clear Identification Lid: You can see the transparent plastic lid and know it is convenient to identify the contents inside, even it is closed. You can quickly access your hooks, hard baits and soft fishing lure, swivels, weights, etc.
  • Versatile Box: It is not just stock fishing supplies, and some boxes in your fishing bag, but also other functions. Like store your LEGO pieces, first aid medical supplies, snacks, and electronic connectors, and even valentine gifts, etc.
  • A Set To Organize: This kind of box has 4 different sizes, and you can buy different sizes for different usages.

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