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Double Deep Watertight Utility Box And Plastic Case

Item Number: IW-F008

Product Dimensions: 355×220×80mm

Packing: 15pcs/carton

Material: Polypropylene

Made In China

This is a good-sized plastic case, rugged and makes a silicone seal, and very waterproof. Its design is with plastic, which is lightweight providing durable and versatile storage in saltwater fishing trips.

Additional information

Product Details:

  • Clear Polypropylene: The materials and latches are made of very sturdy and hard plastic, not brittle.
  • Resist Water And Rust: With an O ring seal and it is waterproof, and with four tight big latches.
  • Versatile Storage: It is a good storage container option for fishing equipment tackles, phones, vitamins and supplements, laundry pods for travelers, etc. A decently sized case to hold what you need to hold.
  • Easy To Open And Close: Strong four big latches to open and close it. And with big removable dividers in for sorting. Or even you just need a big empty case to put all your small items in.

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