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Fishing Baits Terminal Tackle Waterproof Tackle Storage

Item Number: IW-F003

Product Dimensions: 230*175*50mm

Packing: 40pcs/carton

Material: Polypropylene

Made In China

We design this kind of waterproof plastic box 4 in 1. And this size is the smallest in this set. All with silicone design and water-tight. And it is convenient to be put into your fishing tackle bags and pockets in bass fishing and trout fishing.

Additional information

Product Details:

  • Great Quality For The Price: This small plastic box is made of sturdy and eco-friendly PP, and welcome to check our factory direct price for your business.
  • Easily Customizable And Durable: The adjustable dividers could allow you to organize small mouth bass supplies, when in kayak. It is very convenient to customize your needs and highly durable.
  • Quick And Easy Find Stuffs: With transparent lid design, and allows you to see the items of your fishing lure clearly.
  • Waterproof And Air-tight: Our customers like fishing very much, and for some years ago, mostly not watertight. And then fishing companies find us to design it. And sell very well in the market.
  • More Functions: It is a box not just for outdoor fishing, but also for others. Like our customers use to store pill box. It works well in keeping medicines and supplements. And you can buy one in AM and the other for PM.

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