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2021 Plastic Injection Molded Clear Waterproof Lure Box

Item Number: IW-F002

Product Dimensions: 275*180*50mm

Packing: 36pcs/carton

Material: Polypropylene

Made In China

It is a series waterproof tackle box, and we design 4 different sizes for choice. It can do what you need for small kinds of stuff. Not just fishing baits, but also other home and school industries.

Additional information

Product Details:

You can receive each box with some dividers in, and you can use these removable tackle organizers for customizing. And it is clear enough to see what is inside, and four strong latches. We sure that is a great tackle box for small stuff, like fishing crank baits, hooks, and sinkers, jigs in freshwater fishing, and saltwater fishing.

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